Sunday, June 25, 2017

Good Times

Dynomite! Wait, no I am not talking about the 1970's sitcom with Jimmie Walker.  I am talking about the awesome day we had today.  Last night I loaded the truck with my fishing gear, a couple of chairs and out frisbee discs.  We were planning to head down towards Canyon City but didn't have a firm plan on what were going to do.

We left the house early and our first stop was Brush Hollow

Reservoir.  Brush Hollow is just northwest of Penrose.  It is reported that it has a wide variety of fish (Bass, Trout, Bluegill and more.  I have never had a lot of luck fishing it, but them I am fishing from the bank and not from a boat.

I ended catching bluegill today.  I caught four and had a lot of bites that I missed.   I wasn't fishing for them was looking for something bigger, but they kept hitting the worm.  The lake was way up for this time of year so it was difficult to get out to the deep water.

We hung out for a while and then decided to move on.   We loaded up everything in the truck and headed out.   We soon found ourselves and the Beaver Creek Wilderness Area.  I love going here, and it is not heavily used.  It is a rough and rocky dirt road to get to it.  The road is narrow and difficult for vehicles to pass each other in most areas.   On our drive in and out, we didn't pass anyone.  When we arrived at the parking area, there were only two cars.

After loading the pack and getting Pebbles ready we made our way to the trailhead and took the fork in the trail to head towards the creek.  Along the way, we came across all type of wildflowers that were in bloom.  The creek was running high and fast.  Pebbles was busy chasing all the grasshopper jumping around and sniffing everything out.  

I took a small pole and some artificial bait with me in the backpack. On the hike, I would stop along the creek and throw out a line.  I ended up catching 3 small trout.   The biggest was maybe 8 inches long.   I let them all go, to be caught another day.

Once we were back at the truck we drove over to Florence, CO.  and had some lunch and then walked through a few antique stores.  I didn't see anything I needed but did see a couple things that I would want.  Didn't get anything but had a fun time looking.

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