Sunday, June 18, 2017


So we have a new addition to the household.   I would like to introduce you to our new 7-week old cat.  We had to run to Wal-Mart to get a few things last weekend.   When we came out and walking towards the car there is a family with five kittens and they are giving them away for free.

I kept walking but Candy stopped and looked and that was that.  Five minutes later we are leaving with a new kitten.  Not sure what is wrong with us.  

We already have a dog and cat, so not sure why we thought we needed another.

Meadow is fitting in nicely to the home dynamics.   Everyone was a little standoffish at first but with a little time everyone is getting along and now starting to play and sleep with each other.

Meadow keeps egging both Pebbles and Brooks on, by going after their tails.  They will turn and chase her, but she is back at as soon as they turn.

Meadow has been great so far, already using the litter box and likes to spend time outside in the backyard.   We have to keep an eye on her as we worry a hawk may come through and carry her off.  She's pretty cute and seems that she is going to fit in just fine.

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