Sunday, May 10, 2015

What I have been up to.

We are so busy at work.  I think it is a good busy, but sometimes I wonder.  Spend cycles on things we shouldn't, but they are necessary evils so we have to.  Blessed and thankful to be busy!

The weather has been crazy around here this last week.   We have had Hail, Rain, Sleet and Snow. On the North end of town, we received up to 9 inches of penny sized hail.  Glad I missed that!  The hail caused the highway to close as they needed to bring in the snow plows to clear it.  On the news this evening they reported that we live in what is called hail alley.  It runs from Cheyenne WY to Pueblo CO, so all along the Front Range.  We get more hail storms than any other state, but not the most damaging.  So there you go!

I also see that tornado alley is also in full swing.  Tornados are touching down in OK and TX over the last few days.  Been there done that when I lived in KS.  I think I will stick with the hail.

The Lilacs are in full bloom.  We were lucky that the hail didn't destroy them.   In addition to the big bush, I have also transplanted a few starters and they are taking off.   

Robinson Lilac Bush

Robinson Lilac Bush

I Have already written about my Horse Haim Wheelbarrows.   I have finished two of them and they look great.    Looking forward to building a few more.  Well I have two wheels left, so I guess two more.

Horse Haim Wheelbarrow

Horse Haim Wheelbarrow

Candy asked to make her a shelf for the laundry room.  She wanted something Steampunk, well I came home with the picture below.   This is an old wrench, a steel gear and an oil filter cover.   This is what I had lying around, so this is what I ended up with.   She really liked it, and I do to.

Steampunk Wall Vase

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