Saturday, May 23, 2015

Rainy Days

I flew to Orlando last Sunday to work a trade show.  The weather was awesome and each day I got out and walked my miles.   I was staying at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center. The hotel was pretty nice.  On Tuesday afternoon I was able to hang out by the pool and get a little sun.

For our give-away item at the booth we were giving out selfie sticks.  I took this photo of myself while testing them out.

My walking, plus working the show floor, I was able to really rack up some steps.  I flew home on Wednesday and when I come out of the airport in Denver it is 39 degrees and drizzling.

Since being home I have been active to get some distance in.  Most of it has been on the treadmill as it has been raining daily.  Since mid-April we have received 14 inches of rain. 

I started a new little project this Memorial Day weekend.   I had seen on Pinterest where someone had covered a bowling ball in pennies.   It just so happened that I had all the things I needed to do the same.  I bought the stand on e-bay for 5.99 and free shipping.   The bowling ball was Candy’s moms.  I had pennies and the glue was 4.99.  I will be working to finish it up tomorrow.

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