Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pushing rocks up-hill

I was up early, or at least early for me.  Was out the door by 7am and managed to get three miles in to the office.  During the day for lunch and between a call, I did three laps around the office complex.  I had plans to walk home, but it started raining around 4pm and is currently raining with lightning and thunder,  I am pretty sure we are getting close to setting a record for the most rainfall in May.

8:49PM, it is raining and the pictures are rattling on the walls from the thunder. Looks like they are getting hit pretty hard out east.

I purchased the items below on ebay.  I plan on making flowered yard art with them, not sure if I want the natural rustic look or paint them up.  Currently the natural rusted look seems like it would be best. I need to figure out what the base will be as these disks are pretty heavy,  More to come, but this is going to be really cooool!!!

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