Sunday, May 24, 2015

Spread Your Wings

Today we went down and checked out Territory Days, in old Colorado City.  Had a good time checking out the vendors and eating some good food.  I need to get out and hit the trail tomorrow and the dogs need to get out.  If we get out early we should be ahead of the rain.  I called it today, we got to Territory Days just after 10AM and we were headed back to the car at 12:30 in drizzle.

They had some Hawks and an Eagle on display today.  I got this picture of the Eagle spreading his wings. He was a beautiful bird and this one is blind in the left eye.  

It has continued to rain here.  We are going to float away pretty soon.    I was sitting out back and Pebbles came cruising by.  I snapped her picture, she is such a nut.

I finished my penny ball this afternoon.  I think it looks pretty good.  I have it sitting in front of the fire place for now.  Once it cures for about a week I will move it outdoors.

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