Saturday, January 3, 2015

Wood Working

I spent a good portion of my day working over at the Shop.    I needed to build something and was running out of time before I returned to work.   I dug through the scraps of wood I had to see what I could come up with.

I had some old ceder fencing that I had picked up and some other scraps.   I sanded and cleaned the old fencing and built a shelf to put cups and saucers in for display.   I cut grooves in the wood so the saucers won't slip out.   Used dowels and glue to put it all together.  I had a couple of coat hooks from another project and used them as well.  Not sure what purpose the coat hooks will serve, but it looks cool.  I used two different types of stain for this project, darker for the shelves and a lighter for the back, this way it gives the appearance of being deeper than it is. 

Candy is really happy with the completed project and once it cures overnight I will hang it tomorrow and we can load it up with the cups and saucers that we have.

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