Saturday, January 3, 2015

The last days

Well the party is just about over.   I have been off work for almost two weeks and have tried to enjoy every minute of it.   But honestly I am looking forward to getting back after it.  The weather has sucked and I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but oh well, I wasn't at work.

Now a quick break for music appreciate:

Yesterday we got out with Pebbles and did some walking.  I took the camera with me and got a few good shots.   Once again, Pebbles got me off my butt and out the door walking.   We had fresh snow to hike in and Pebbles loved it.   We left Mable at home as it was to cold for her.   She let us hear about it when we got home, she wasn't happy.  Here is a collage of the pictures from yesterday's hike. Candy is sporting her Colorado Heart hat that she made.

We headed out again today and got some distance in.   Today we took Mable and to be safe a I took a backpack with me in case we had to carry her home, and I knew we would.   Both the dogs had a great time and it was good for me to be out,  I need the miles.   Once again I took the camera and got the pics below.  You will see that I am sporting the Ninja Turtle hat that Candy made me.

I have been doing pretty good at logging 10K + steps a day.   Below is the distance it has tracked for me over the last two weeks.

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