Thursday, January 8, 2015

Still at it

I have been working hard to get my 10K steps in everyday.   So far so good, just need to keep after it.  Everyday I come up with excuses on why I can't, but I push them aside and move on.  The following chart represents my distance.

On Wednesday it was cold and slick out, I got out and walked anyway.   Took Pebbles with me, actually I have been walking with her to work all week.   When I got home that evening I just happened to be watching the news and there is Pebbles and me walking down the street.   I had no idea that the news crew was across the street filming. I guess that was my 3 seconds of fame.

Pebbles does great at the office, everybody seems to like her.   I keep her in my office most of the time and have a doggy bed stashed under my desk where she sleeps.   Today was BBQ day and she hung out in the conference room with everyone while we ate.   She just laid by the door and didn't beg or try to steal any food.

It's nice that we have an open area behind our office, so I can take her out back and let her run around.   Today it was in the 50's so I took her out back and had my phone and headset with me and did my call from out back while she did her business.

We are supposed to have another cold day tomorrow.  I have to leave early so I can drop off the Avalanche for an oil change and then walk to work.

I finished my cup and saucer shelf.   It came out pretty decent and we got it hung on the wall in the entry way.

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