Sunday, January 11, 2015

More wood

I took Pebbles out today before the weather changes.   Yesterday it was in the 50's and this morning it was in the 40's when we headed out about 9:30 AM.   It is supposed to get cold and possibly snow again tonight.  We got some distance in this morning and did just over 6 miles.  I needed the distance because I didn't get out yesterday.

Saturday was beautiful here so I decided I better get over to the shop and do something.  I cleaned for a while and then started working on building a small trunk for Candy to keep her yarn in.   I had some old 2ft x 2ft plywood panels that were left overs from my shelving project.

Candy had sent me a picture of what she was looking for and I did what I could to replicate it,   It came out great and today I have put a coat of stain on it and will paint it later this week.   Once the paint dries I will do a little sanding to give the piece and aged look.   More to come once I get it done.

Sitting here watching the Broncos and Colts game, Denver is going to screw around and lose.   I can see it coming, maybe I will be wrong.

I am getting some pretty good distance in this month as you can see from my chart below.   I can't say that I have lost any weight yet, but I do feel better.   If I want to lose the weight I have going to have to give up the Dogfish head beer I have been drinking.

I joined a Colorado Springs Fitbit club online through my Fitbit dashboard.   Low and behold for the month of January, I am in 9th place out of 135 people.  I am not that far behind the leader and I might be able to catch up this week if I can get my ass up early and get out the door.

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