Sunday, January 12, 2014

You are such a wussy

Wussy, is that really a word? n. Slang A person regarded as weak or timid and especially as unmanly.  OK, well that is me for the last three days.  I have had the best of intentions to get out and walk, but it didn't happen.  I have a great excuse for each day though.

So what did I get done this weekend.  On Thursday the wind kicked up about midnight and blew most of the following day.  I got a picture from Eric and the wind had blown down the gate at the shop.   I spent Saturday repairing it, didn't take long.  So I then made 60 soap holders for Candy.  I have a pretty decent process down now so it only took me about 30 minutes.   The car in the picture is a 67 MG. It's a cute little convertible but not for me. Belongs to a friend, it is for sale if you are interested.   I tried to fire up the Model A, but the battery was dead.   I put the charger on it and then headed over the Harbor Freight.  I am looking for a bench mounted combo belt and disk sander.  Little to my surprise they were having a 3-day sale!  The store was packed.  I did find what I was looking for, but they were out of them.  I got paperslip that I can get it for the same price when it comes in.

I have located a 57 Ford Ranchero I am interested in.  It is local to the springs, but the owner is in St. Louis.   The interior is done and the body is just about ready for paint and all the chrome has been redone. Things work out, I might be starting this project in March.

I am going to stick with the color that has already been used for the interior.   I found this picture below of what I hope my project will look like once completed.

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