Sunday, January 12, 2014

Let's go fishing

I’m pretty excited, Candy and I are making a trip down to Sanibel island of the coast of FL. in May.  I booked us a condo and got our flights scheduled this weekend.  We are going during a time when the Tarpon fishing is supposed to be at its best.   Not only that the place we are going is known for having the largest known concentration of tarpon in the world.  We have three half day fishing scripts scheduled while we are there.   I have never been Tarpon fishing but these fish are monsters.

Tarpons grow to about 4-8 ft.  long and can weigh 60-280 lbs. Tarpons are considered one of the
great saltwater game fishes. They are prized not only because of their great size, but also because of the fight they put up and their spectacular leaping ability.

Another great thing about this trip is that Sanibel island is rated as #1 top 10 beaches for collecting sea shells.  We had a great time in San Diego finding shells, so this should be fun.

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