Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day!

Wow, another week has come and gone.   We have had several major fires, one on the North East side of Colorado Springs in Black Forest and another down outside of Canyon City by the Royal Gorge.  Both fires did major damage.  I believe the fire we had in Black Forest, is the most destructive fire in our states history.  The Black Forest Fire has burned 14,198 Acre's and destroyed 483 homes and as of this evening ti is 65% contained.  By comparison, the Waldo Canyon Fire we had last year destroyed 346 homes.  It's hard to believe that we had the Waldo Canyon Fire, about a year ago and now another major fire causing so much destruction.   Our prayers go out to all the families that have been impacted and lost so much.

The fire at the Royal Gorge has pretty much put them out of business for the year.   The fire burned down all but 2 of the 50 buildings located at the park.   We have been pretty lucky the last couple of days.  It has cooled off and we have actually gotten a little rain, not much but enough to help to extinguish the fires and wet the ground.

We have been so busy at work this last week and I don't see things slowing down.   I worked in Denver on Monday and Tuesday and spent the rest of the week working out of the Colorado Springs office.   I only walked one day last week.

Being that today is Fathers Day, here is wishing all you dads a Happy Fathers Day!  I spent pretty
much all weekend working around the house and shop, and that was exactly what I wanted for Fathers Day.   Saturday morning we drove to the Home Depot and picked up a few supplies.  I got what I needed to finish out the last wall in the shop and put in new edging around the front yard flower garden.  Between those two projects and the mowing, weed eating and watering I did, it kept me pretty busy.

I am done hanging drywall!   I finished up the last remaining wall
today and it looks great.  Marv came over and helped me and together we made pretty quick work of it.   Now I can move to tape and  mud and soon we will be ready for paint.

In the front garden we had some decorative metal edging that we used.   It works well, but the grass grows in to it and it makes it hard to weed eat and you end up using line and still cant get the grass out.   I solved that problem by using some 3 x 3 pressure treated post.   Once I dug out the dirt and got the post settled I replaced all
the dirt and raked it out.   Then I drilled holes in the post and inserted the decorative metal edging.   Came out looking pretty good.   I have done something similar on the side of the house.   I have another garden in the back yard that I still need to do.

Candy and I went out for breakfast this morning.   I shuffled the cars and got the corvette out and we drove it.   We went to a little place a couple of miles from the house.  It was decent, I didn't have to cook it so it was great!   I have cooked everyday for the last three days.   Friday night I made a pepperoni pizza and a sausage jalapeno pizza.  Both of the boys had friends over so it went quick.   Saturday I made up a batch of green chili.  We had pork burrito's, with all the fixings and guacamole and chips.  The boys were both home and they ate it up.   It was sooooo good!   Tonight I fired up the grill an cooked up a couple of steaks.   We had a baked potato with a salad and garlic bread.   Oh man it was good.  I am done cooking for a while.

Happy Hiking!

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