Saturday, June 8, 2013

What a long trip it's been!

I left Colorado Springs on May 29th and returned on June 7th.   Spent most of the time in airports and the rest working in our office in Austin, made a jaunt over to St. Louis for a meeting and then returned home.  This was a long one.   The diet and my working out pretty much went to shit day 1.   I have been afraid to step on the scale as I am sure I put most of the weight I lost, back on.

I didn’t get home until 11:30 PM and decided to sleep in this morning. Woke up around 8:30 AM, poured a cup of coffee and headed out back.   It was already pretty warm so I dug the hose out and watered the plants.   Marv called and said he was working today.  I shuffled around the vehicles and got the corvette out, drove over to see Marv at Pike Peak Auto, spent about an hour bullshitting and then headed back home.

I put the corvette away and then drove over to the shop.   Watered the trees and the new shrubs we had planted a couple of weeks back.   I opened up the big door and did a little house keeping.   A couple months ago I ordered a few parts for the Model A.   They had been sitting in the back of the truck for at least a month.  I replaced the exhaust manifold and gaskets, got the carburetor back on and replaced the push rods for the throttle.   She started right up!  Adjusted the idle and let it run for a few minutes.  I didn’t take it out yet, but I think we are good.

I had seen some pictures, where they had taken old crystal vases and bowls and made mushrooms for the garden.   I went to the Goodwill and spent $13.00 and bought up a few bowls and vases.   Here are a few pictures of the ones I made for our garden.  Filled the vases with glass marbles and then hot glued the bowls on the top.

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