Monday, June 17, 2013

Prop Hanging

Manged to get my lazy ass up in time to walk to work today.  Felt good and I was surprised by the number of people that I came across on the trail this morning.  I bailed on the walk home, Candy was out and about and picked me up at the office this evening.

After dinner I drove over to the shop.   Cleaned up my mess from yesterday, put the tools away and swept up.   I was going to put some tape and mud up on the wall, but the mud I had was dried out and lumpy.   I need to get a few item for patching, so maybe I can make that happen this week.

I had hung my air-boat propeller but after getting it up, the air-boat propeller that is, I didn't like the way it looked.  I had wrapped the chain around each end of the blade ends.   So tonight I took it down and re-hung it with the chain going through the center.   I like the way this looks better than the other. Hanging this wasn't an easy task, 12 ft up in the air and that prop is heavy!

I was headed home at 7:45 and as I was coming down 21st street, I see a woman walking up the hill, I look again and it was Candy.   I stopped and picked her up, she was on her way to the shop to surprise me!

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