Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sprinkler repair

I didn't get out on the trail today.  It was on my list but I opted to work on the yard.  Turned the sprinkler system on for the first time this spring.   All of the seven zones except for zone one was working. Every year I have to fix something, this year it was a cracked line.   Zone one is the front yard, turned it on and started searching for the bubble.   That's how you find the leak, just look for a bubble in the yard and water seeping up through the grass.

Found the leak in the back yard.  Starting digging and found two lines that feed the front yard.  I had to dig about a 15 ft trench as the bad line had a long crack in it.   Luckily I had all the parts I needed and was able to splice in the new hose.  Manged to replace the hose and not break or cut into the second line in the trench.   Tested it out and all looked good, so I filled in the trench.  With our water restrictions we are only allowed to water on Saturday and Tuesday's.  I went ahead and programmed it for the appropriate days, so that's one item of the list.

I contacted a company to come out and power rake and aerate the yard.   It needs it pretty bad.   I need to get some flags so I can mark the sprinkler heads before they get here.  We have never aerated and I have big dead spots in the back yard.

Just about ready to finish out the shop.  I needed to make some room, so I drove the vette home this evening and then the Avalanche.   This will give me some room to move a few things around so I can wrap up this part of the project.

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