Thursday, May 16, 2013

At the office by 7:15 AM and already had my coffee.   Since I have been going to the gym for lunch each day, and not walking to and from the office, I have more time.   Today I was able to get up to 5/miles in an hour.   Creeping up, slowly but surely.  I also started using my to track my workouts and my meals.  It's pretty easy to use on the iPhone and on the computer.  I included an image below of my daily log.

I worked over at the shop this evening after dinner.   Got up two more sheets of insulation up.  I had to take down the ADT alarm and two other boxes, that they screwed into the studs when I had it installed.  I was able to take it down and keep it working.   I had called ADT about coming out and moving it, but they wanted $300 to do so, "Aint got time for that".   If I can get over there tomorrow I should be done with the remaining items and will be able to hang the sheet rock.  Drove the vette over to the shop tonight and stopped and got a quart of oil.  Was running about a quart low.

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