Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Captain, we need more power!

As the blog heading states, we just actually needed power.   Not sure what happened this morning but when our alarms on the phones went off, I got up and headed for the restroom.  Turned on the light switch and nothing.  Turned and walked to the kitchen and nothing, power was out.  I acted quickly and jumped in the shower to get some hot water.   Left house about 7 AM, Candy called me about 8 AM and let me know the power was back.

Working hard to get on the treadmill everyday.  I am now on day six and up to 4.3/Miles in an hour.   It is starting to pay off as I have already lost a couple of pounds.   Back to tracking my meals and weighing myself each morning.

I have so much work going on at the office and at home.   Not going to get much done this weekend as we need to be in Denver most of the day for State Diving.   This is Clark's last year in High School, we are getting closer to being empty nester's.  Clark's graduation  is the following weekend, so busy, busy.

Last night we pulled the stakes around our tree in the front yard.  We had planted it about 6 years ago and had it staked with chicken wire around it to keep the Dear from eating the branches.   It is big enough now that they cant get to the branches.   After work tonight I ran by the shop and loaded up three bags of trash and ran them over to the dumpster.

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