Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Candy!

Today is Candy’s birthday.   I am baking a cake now, so I have a few minutes to catch up on the last couple of days.   We started this morning with a nice 5 mile hike.   Got out on the trail before it got to hot.   We hiked up Twilight Canyon to Captain Jacks and then down High Drive.   No bears spotted today.  We did count 14 deer on the drive through the neighborhood to the trail head.

I did snap off a couple of pictures but haven’t had the time to get the loaded up yet.

Now that we are home it is time to play catch up.  I have a long list of things I want to get done this coming week.   I still have another week off so that I can get some work items done around the house and shop.

Our gutter’s on our home are full of scrub oak acorns.  The tree’s overhang the gutters and drop nuts and leaves through the seasons.  Every year I end up on the roof cleaning them out so they will drain.   Last month I got a couple of quotes to have the gutters replaced.   I scheduled the removal and installation for August 3rd.   We went with Leafguard guttering systems:

It took them about 4 hours to remove the old and put up the new.   We went with white to match the window frames.   They look good so let’s hope the work as they are guaranteed not to clog.

Happy Hiking

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asalerno said...

Any reason you choose LeafGuard over the other solutions?