Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Good Day - August 7th

Another good day!

I feel like I accomplished quite a bit today.  Started the morning at 7am and made a run over to the Depot.  Needed more sheet rock mud and corner brackets for the walls.  I also picked up some sand paper and a broom.  Also got the paint I need to finish the hallway.   I see lots of painting, sanding and sweeping in my future.

Speaking of paint, I checked the cans that I had set out yesterday.  Looking good! The close to empty cans are pretty much dried up; others will take a few more days.

Came back by the house as I needed my electric drill, grabbed it and headed over to the shop and unloaded what I had gotten.  I did a quick mow on the yard around the shop.  I am trying to get grass to grow, but I have the finest manicured weeds.  The grass is trying but with my travel it doesn't get consistent water.

I screwed the remanding corner straps on and taped off the east wall.  I started applying the mud and managed to get both the east and west walls done today with the first coat.  Now that the mud was on I needed to let it dry.

Cut up some fencing to make corner braces and drove back to the house.  The dam dog tears at the wooden gate when she wants to escape.  She freaks out when she hears thunder and corner of the gate.   Hopefully this will slow her down.

Once the braces were on, I focused my attention to some demolition.  Ripped out the remaining trim in the hallway and took out the bathroom door and frame.  Scraped off the old trim caulking and pulled any nails.  Swept up my mess and wiped down the walls.  Loaded up a paint tray with toasted marshmallow and rolled out the ceiling and then brushed in the edges.   Put a new liner in the paint tray and loaded up toffee crunch and rolled out the walls.  Cleaned up my brushes and roller and hung a WET PAINT sign on the step stool.

Now it was time to head back to the shop and see how the mud was drying.  But before that I had to make the decision on either having the icee or the big gulp.  Opted for the big gulp.   Sanded what I could, got most of the east wall done.  Cleaned up and headed home.

Rolled out a second coat on the walls.  Used a brush to cut in around the ceiling. About the time I was done Candy got home.  I hadn't eaten all day, so she changed and we headed out for Thai food.

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