Tuesday, August 7, 2012

For my day off today I set out to get a few more projects knocked off or at least closer to completion.   I loaded up the truck with paint that I have been storing in the garage at the house.   I was searching last night for a place to take old paint.  Found a location but in reading about the paint I have, I just lined up the cans on the side of the shop and pulled the lids off.   It should all dry up in the next couple of days.

I finished the east wall at the shop.   The sheet rock is all up and now I can start mudding.   While at the shop I gathered up the paint supplies I need to start on the basement hallway and then made a run over to Home Depot.

Below are a couple of pictures from our hike on Sunday and from Candy’s Birthday.   I could not find a 2 and a 9, so we had to go with a 4 and 7 for her cake.

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