Monday, August 20, 2012

Arts & Crafts

Over a year ago I bought a bunch of used postal stamps at a garage sale.  They looked cool and I figured I could do something with them.   About six months ago I found a use for them and that was to decoupage my artist box that I keep all my paints, brushes, pencils and other goodies in.   Ah yes from time to time I do a little painting and sketching.   Usually those are winter projects, something to do when it is too cold out.

So thinking about it was winter when I started this decoupage project.  Well I am glad to report that after six months I am finally finished.   I don’t know the exact count but taking a guess I would say about 650 stamps were used to cover this.  I used stamps from the 60's, 70's and 80's.  The person that originally saved all these, did it for years and must have written a lot of letters to loved ones and debtors over the years.  Lot's of holiday stamps and various series stamps.  I estimate that I still have at least a thousand or so left. Over the weekend I finished up the last remaining side and on Sunday, I applied three coats of gloss sealer to protect it..  Tonight it was dry so I put all the hardware back on loaded it back up.  Actually looks pretty cool!

After work on the way home I stopped by the shop this evening to see if I could get another stud up on the back wall.   I figured if I can spend one hour an evening there for two weeks I should be able to get the back wall finished out.  I did get the stud up, so only about twelve more to go.

Once finished at the shop and heading home, I came across this sly fox crossing the street and on the prowl.  I haven’t seen any around our house this year.   I have seen a couple of new cats running around and we have a bunch of squirrels so the hunting should be good.

Happy Hiking

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