Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to work tomorrow

Well here I am wrapping up my two weeks off.   This was the first time that I have taken two weeks off and pretty much checked out from work.   I think this is just what I needed.   I do have a long list of items to start working tomorrow when I get back to the office.  I am actually looking forward to it!
Using the second week to work around the house and shop and managed to get a lot of items off my list.   I finished both the east and west walls at the shop.  To get rid of the dust I spray out the shop with the hose.  Straitened everything up and starting working on my list for the back wall.   The shop yard is actually looking pretty good as I was able to get some water on it this week.  Pulled a lot of weeds and mowed everything.   Today I pulled the corvette out from under wraps and took it to the car wash and detailed it.   Looks great, went to Sonic for a cherry coke when I was done.

Around the house I finally finished out the basement hallway.   I painted the walls and ceiling and replaced the door frame and door for the bathroom entry.   The hardest part was staining the door, frame and trim.  Looks great everywhere now except for the bathroom.   I talked with a plumber today and he is going to give me the names of a couple of people that do shower surrounds.   I can start getting some estimates and find out what I need to do to prep the walls for the new panels.  Once the shower is done then I can start working on the rest of the bathroom that I can do myself.

After working at the shop all week I needed to get my truck all cleaned up.   I detailed it yesterday and it took about two hours.   It was pretty nasty.

Lot’s of other little items like laundry, dishes, etc. that I managed to get done this week.   Wow I need to get back to work so I can take a break! J

Candy should be home soon, so I need to run.  Told her we would go for a ride in the corvette and get a coffee.

I hope to have some new stories and pictures form the trail as I plan to start walking back to work and getting some miles in.

Happy Hiking!

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