Sunday, October 23, 2011

On the road this week.

this week I am headed to Las Vegas and then off to San Diego for a couple of days. I just finished getting through security which is always great fun. Boy it's not like the old days of air travel. Hell you used to be able to smoke, drink and actually get a meal on a plane and in most cases it was all free. Enough about all that, let's just admit that today traveling by air just sucks.

Sunday through Tuesday I will be at the IBM Information On Demand conference and then Wednesday through Friday the Alfresco DevCon in San Diego. Looking forward to DevCon as this is a new partnership for the company and we see opportunity to grow in this space.

So this morning we go to get into the truck to leave and I notice that the left rear tire is low. I pulled out the air hose and got it aired up but I could hear a slow leak. Jumped into Candy's car and drove out. So guessing I will get to deal with a flat tire when I return. oh joy!

Happy Hiking!

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