Sunday, October 9, 2011

Auction Day

I could hear it raining around 5AM, but when I got up at 7am it was snowing. Seems early in the year for snow. Wonder if this means we are going to have a hard winter. Guess we will find out.

We got to the auction house around 10:15AM and the parking lot was full so we parked down the street. It was rain/snowing as we made our way up the street on foot. Once inside we cruised through to see what was going today. We found a nice pottery kick wheel. Candy had been looking for one and here was a nice one. Unfortunately it was going to be one of the last items sold.

We were getting close to the pottery wheel. I looked it up on the web and new ones like this one go for $800. Found a couple on eBay for around $200. All day people were checking it out by sitting on it and kicking the wheel. I was worried that there were going to be several bidders. The auctioneer and the crowd made there way to the wheel and away we went. The auctioneer started and nobody was bidding. He got down to $25 and I bid on it. Going once, twice sold. We just got a really cool pottery kick wheel for next to nothing.

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