Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 4 of my Vacation

Up at 7am this morning and away we went.  My dad and I went out for breakfast at Barney’s.   Great little greasy spoon if that’s what your up for.   Then we headed over to the auction house to preview what is coming up for sale this Saturday.  Didn’t see much that I was interested in.

Stopped by Pikes Peak Auto on the way home and took a walk through the yard to check out all the old cars.  Found a few Model A’s, that hadn’t been there long and were already sold.  One of them, it was in rough shape and would need lot’s of work and money, sold to someone on Australia.  If you come across any old Model A cars or parts let me know as I would be interested.

Ran back by the house to check on Mom and see what was going on.  Checked over the basement project, all looked good and just need to finish up with the trim.  Ran over to Home Depot and picked up oak trim and while we were there I looked over insulation and Dad offer to help me put it up, so I bought enough to do the two end walls in the shop.  We managed to get one wall done so it is now ready for sheeting.

While at the shop I was able to get two coats of stain on the trim.   I plan on running over in the morning and getting a coat of polyurethane on the trim and then take Dad on a hike.  Going to see if I can get him up Mt. Cutler or St. Peter’s Dome.

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