Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mt. Cutler & Mt. Muscoco

I had loaded up the backpack last night with big ambitions of doing a big hike today. The weather report called for snow and I was packed for it. Well I got up and 6am and looked outside, no snow. So I hopped in the hot tub for a while and then answered email till about 8am. The wife and one of the kids got out of bed so I made egg McMuffins for everyone.

The wife is trying to catch up with school and she needed to study and have some quite time. So about 9:15 I put on my hiking gear and headed out. Since is started so late I wasn’t sure where to go. I headed up Cheyenne Blvd, towards Helen Hunt Falls. On the way I up I saw the Mt. Cutler trail head and had never done it as it is only 2/miles round trip. So today was the day. In the parking lot I was talking to another hiker and he mentioned that there was a side trail that would take you up to Mt. Muscoco and would add a few extra miles to the hike.

So I headed out and ended up getting just a little over 5/miles in today. I managed to to get to the top of both peaks and back. I shot a few photos of a guy doing some ice climbing across the canyon. I don’t know how he got there but need to see if I can find the trail.

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