Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just about there!

I just plugged in my miles for today and realized I only have 29/miles that I need to get in this month. This week has been fun as I did the incline on Tue and Thu and plan on doing it again on Sat morning. I tracked my time today and it took me 50 minutes. It is one hell of a work out, but slow and steady get’s the job done. I think this Saturday I will try to make my way up to Barr Camp. It’s about 7/miles. Once you get past the incline or the first three miles of Barr Camp Trail it is not that bad of hike.

One thing that is nice is that there is a guy from my office and he is a fitness nut even more than me. He plays hockey, lifts, and hikes and is a big snow boarder. I am not sure if he is being nice to me and goes at my pace when we hike or not, but so far I have been able to keep up. He’s a couple years younger than me but in great physical shape. I need to spend more time on the weights. That may be one of my new goals once I get my mileage in. I have been struggling with what I am going to do next. I can’t believe that a year has just about gone bye.

I need to get my miles in this next week as my travel schedule is starting to pick up. Will be in KS/OK the week of the 16th and we are looking at an acquisition in NYC and this is going to require a considerable amount of my time in the NY/NJ area. The stress of this will surely help me keep fit.

I will be posting my fancy graphs and charts in the next couple of days.

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