Sunday, March 13, 2016


I made my way over to the shop early Saturday morning.  I was thinking about making up another tiller wheel flower but didn't have all the parts I needed.  I cleaned up a little and once I had things looking pretty good, I started another project.

A year ago I had picked up an old medicine cabinet.  I can't really tell you much about it.  I think it is probably about forty or fifty years old.   I thought the lighting and the hardware on the front for holding soap and shaving cream were pretty cool.  My plan was to restore it at some point.   It was originally white, but someone had painted it red. It has been sitting under my work bench since I bought it, just taking up space.  

So this weekend I pulled it out and starting taking it all apart.  It came apart fairly easy, I couple of the screws took some work to get out.  Once I had it all apart, I started stripping the paint off.  I covered the cabinet in paint stripper and let is set.  The other hardware pieces I used a wire wheel to strip off the paint.  It took me all day just to get the cabinet stripped.  It required a couple of applications of stripper, along with the wire wheel and lot's of sanding.  I took the cabinet and all the hardware back to bare metal.

I returned Sunday morning and did some final sanding on the cabinet.  Blew all the dust out of it and then wiped it down with a rag and alcohol. 

Took the cabinet outside and sat in between two saw horses.   Sprayed a couple coats of primer to cover the bare metal.  In between coats and waiting for it to dry I worked on cleaning up all the other hardware.  

I made pretty decent progress today and even started to put it back together to see how things fit.  Still have work to do on the shaving cream holders, lighting and pull handle, etc. before I can take it apart again and start final painting.

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