Friday, March 11, 2016

Crazy Week

The week is over and I am ready for a break, been super busy.   Work has been busy and then I have been trying to work on a few projects in the evening if I am not out dumpster diving.   Dumpster diving you say, yes Candy and I did a little dumpster diving Tuesday after work.

So to fill you in, we have a bowling alley a couple of miles away from the house.   I had noticed last weekend that there was a big dumpster placed in front of the building and they were throwing out stuff and filling it up.   Tuesday evening we went out and on our way back we stopped by the bowling alley.

I pulled up along side the dumpster and we got up on the back of the truck so that we could see over the top.  Unfortunately it was mainly full of old boxes of paper, a few broken chairs.   We didn't really see anything that we could use.  I was hoping to find a few bowling balls or lane wood.   Something I could re-purpose.

I did manage to get my last rotary hoe tiller wheel completed for my yard art project.   I just need to spray it with sealer and all my tiller wheel flowers will be completed.   I need to start drawing up the plans for my base so I can estimate what I need.

I didn't get much walking in this week.  I think I managed about six miles for the week.  Shame on me.  At least it is the weekend and I do need to get out.

The weather is supposed to be great this weekend so it should make getting out a little easier.

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