Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dennis Does India - Part Two

Once we completed our work items we traveled back to Delhi on India Air.   The flight was on-time and we were served a meal.   I found the meal surprising being that it was only a 2-hour flight.   We were picked up at the airport and we drove to our guest’s home where we would be staying.

I can’t say Thank You enough to the Agarwal family for inviting me into their home as well as being the most hospitable people that I have met.   They treated me like I was royalty, took time off from work to spend time with me and share with me the history of India and showing me some of the beautiful sites in the area.

The food that was prepared was awesome.  They were all vegetarian dishes, and I never really missed having meat of any kind.  Don’t ask me the name of the dishes, we had so many and they were all great tasting.  I think each day we had a different type of bread and they were great.  All in all the food was awesome.

Rekha Agarwal, Dr. Yatish Agarwal, Vivek Agarwal
Our first outing included a tour of the Presidents home.    As we drove past the gates I had my first monkey sighting, it surprised me to see them running around.   The Tour was enjoyable and very informative.    We were not able to take our phones in, so I didn’t get any pictures.

From there we headed into an older part of Delhi to visit a clothier.   So get this, I picked out my own fabrics and then was measured, then had two custom suits made.   We did this on a Friday and we picked up the completed suits on Sunday.   Wow I couldn’t believe it.   I just got them both back from the cleaners where I had them cleaned and pressed.   They were in my suitcase for a few days as my luggage on the way home didn’t make my flight. They look great, now I just need a reason to where them.

On Friday evening we visited the Red Fort, it was dark and we sat in on a sound light show that recreated the events in India’s history that was connected with the Fort.   I enjoyed the show, but it was outside and all could think about was mosquitos and malaria.  I took bug spray with me as it was recommended in my travel guide that I had reviewed, but forgot to take it with me.   I asked my host, who said I was safe as it wasn’t the rainy season.

More to come in future posts.

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