Sunday, April 12, 2015

Copy Carver

This last weekend we drove out to Kansas to see family and celebrate Easter.  It was just Candy, Clark and I.  Eric had school work and offered to stay at our house and watch the dogs.  Had a blast and it was good to catch up.  On Thursday evening a storm passed through that took out buildings, roofs, power-lines and more.  It was pretty amazing to see the damage.  My parents and several other family members lost power for several hours.

I was able to eat at my favorite Mexican restaurant, not just once but twice.  We always go to Connie's Mexico Cafe when we are in Wichita.  The all meat burrito smothered in cheese is awesome.

I was also able to pick up my Copy Carver while in Wichita. My Dad, had cut most of the wood and assemble the carving box.   I got it all home and built the table to set it on.   I have ordered my carving bits and am looking forward to making my first propeller.

We tried our hand at some fishing on Saturday but didn't have much luck.  It was nice to get out though and try.

On Easter Sunday, we had breakfast at my uncles house.   A good portion of the local family was in attendance and it was nice to catch up with every one.

The drive back was uneventful, Candy crocheted and Clark slept most of the way.

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