Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pod Racing

We got up this morning and headed out for a walk.  Hiked up through West BCP and around, signs were posted to be on the look-out for Bears.   We didn’t see any but did keep an eye open.   Some people spotted one in the area and said that it was following them.   Chances are he was just going the same way.  We managed to get 3.2M in.   This gets me up to 11.72 this month.
I am guessing it has been about 10 years since I picked up the ass end of a 79 Corvette.   I got it for free and brought it home, cleaned it up and painted it blue and the bumpers black and have had it hanging in the garage here at the house.     Well I took it over to the shop a couple days ago along with some Lego’s that I had put together.

After our walk today I headed over to the shop to hang up the Lego’s and the back-end to the 79 Corvette.  Once I figured out where I wanted them I hung up the Pod Racers with Anakin and Sebulba.  I used fishing line and tried to hang them so it looked like Sebulba was coming down on Anakin,   looks pretty decent.

Then I turned my attention to the bumper and figuring out where it would look good.   I ended up hanging it to the left of my work bench.   I screwed a 2x4 to the wall and hung the bumper on it, ran some screws in the holes for the tail lights into the 2x4.   It looked good once it was up except you could see the 2x4 through the tail light holes.

I solved that by going over to Hobby Lobby and picking up some red metallic paper.  Found four round wooden circles already cut out the size that it needed.   I took it home and used the wood circles to make my line for cutting the paper.   Once I had for paper circles cut out, I glued the paper to wood and let it dry.

Once it was dry I just placed the wooden circles into the holes for tail lights.  Shazam, it was just that easy and made this look much better.

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