Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Time to go to work

Well it is a new month so that is always a good time to set goals for things you want to get done.   I am trying to get back to my daily workout routine and started up again today.

I haven’t been hiking and I can really feel it.  I have been tired as of late and eating too much.  The change in season is always difficult as it is dark when you get up and dark when you leave the office.  In addition I have been traveling a considerable amount.

For lunch today I went to the gym for a quick work out.   Managed to get 3/miles in on the treadmill and must admit I already feel better.  At least I feel better about myself for making it happen.   The treadmill is not my favorite but now that I have my Apple products all working again I made up a new play list.   Having some decent music, well in my opinion decent music, it may not be your taste makes it easier.

I am scheduled to be in Denver tomorrow, so I will either have to get my workout done before I leave or after I get home.   The drive up and back is a killer and normally when I get home I am beat.   I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

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