Monday, November 14, 2011

I managed to get a little more done on the basement this evening.  Finished up all the trim removal and have the truck loaded and ready to make a run to the dump.   I had a gallon of primer so I went ahead and rolled it over the blue walls.   Didn’t have enough to cut in around the corners and ceiling.   One evening this week I will need to make a trip to HD, need to get the door frames and doors and pick up some more primer and the paint.

If I can get my butt up early enough I am going to try to make a dump run in the morning.  They open as 7am so I should be good.  I have to do it tomorrow as I need to drive up to Cheyenne WY for meetings on Thursday.

I only got 1.5/miles in today and did that on the treadmill after work.   That brings me up to 24.5/miles for this month.   

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