Saturday, June 25, 2011

Humming Bird Nest

It was bugging me that I didn’t get a decent picture of the humming bird.    So Friday morning we headed out early to get our walking in.   I took the bigger camera with me so we could go back by the nest.  We found it again and sure enough the humming bird was still there.  I snapped off a few pictures and have included them below.

Today was a work at home day.   I am trying to finish out my shop, I say trying but actually I am just getting started.   I had picked up a few supplies last weekend and wanted to get going on this project.

We got just about one wall insulated and framed in.   I am going to try to finish up the first wall tomorrow afternoon.   Candy was there to help me today so it went pretty quick.  My plan is to get out and get a few miles in tomorrow morning.   Not sure where I am headed, still need to figure that out.

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