Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chasing Butterflies

This evening’s adventure took us up High Drive.   We parked in the lower GC and High Drive parking area, threw on the packs and headed up the road.  High drive is a nice road to hike on as it runs along Bear Creek so you get the sound of running water and it seems cooler in the heat.

In the summer months from May through September the road is open to one way traffic.  So you will get to eat a little dust when a car comes by.   Tonight we had about four cars pass us.  People usually drive pretty slowly.    High Drive connects several other trails together.  You can catch Twilight Canyon, Palmer Loop Trail, Ring the Peak Trail and trail 666.

Along the creek there were wild roses blooming, in pink or white.  Also a couple of varieties of blooming bushes.  With all of the blooming this provided a source of nectar and pollen to attract the butterflies.  We saw plenty of butterflies flying in the air and when they did land, the second I would get close, they would fly off.  There were several different types with different colors but photo opportunities were tough with the little Casio I was using.

I was lucky enough to capture the three photo’s below.   I had to follow them as they were flying and see if I could find them when they landed.   I did catch the one in flight and it actually came out pretty decent.

These scans came out of a book from 1864.  My plan is to make copies of them and then cut out the copies and decoupage something.  

Butterfly Questions & Answers

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