Thursday, June 23, 2011

Humming Bird and Nest

We went from the house over to the Bear Creek Nature Center and back, round trip 2.8/miles.   It rained two days ago, FINALLY!  But we need a lot more as it is dry around here and a fire ban is in effect.  Anyway the rain must have been good for the Cactus as yellow and pink flowers were in bloom.   You could look across the field and see them everywhere.  I took a picture but it didn’t really show the colors so I ended up with these close ups.

I was wearing a yellow shirt and Candy had on a pink shirt.  We were on the trail making our way back and we had a Humming bird come flying up to us.  At first we thought he was attracted to the color of our shirts and it thought I was the biggest ass cactus flower he/she had ever seen.

It buzzed up and down in front of us and then flew into its nest.  The nest was just above our heads.  We never would have even noticed that it was a nest as it was camouflaged so well that it looks like part of the branch.  Never seen humming birds nest before, so this was a first.  I took 10 pictures and only two came out decent.  Don’t know what the problem is other than I always seem to have the wrong camera with me.

Happy Hiking

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