Thursday, June 16, 2011

Call me crazy, the neighbors do!

As most of you noticed last night we had a full moon.   We even had a full lunar eclipse last night but it was not able to be seen in North America.   We had talked about doing a full moon hike for a while and last night was the night!

We drove up to the Section 16 parking lot and headed out to do the Palmer Loop Trail aka Ring the Peak.   There were just the three of us out on the trail as no one else was crazy enough to do this with us.

For the most part we had all the moonlight we needed to light the 5.8/mile trail up, over and around the mountains.   We did take our headlamps with us and used them when needed.  You just needed to remember not to turn and look at the person behind you as you would blind them and vice versa.

As far as taking pictures, ha it was dark so only took a few close ups.   I did notice that on this trip no one had there IPods on so they could be sure to hear if something was in the bushes about to get them.   We didn’t see any wildlife at all until we were back to High Drive and then it was just some goofy kids partying in there car.

The hike took us just under 3/hours to complete.   We were back at the car just a little after midnight.  Hey did you know that Sonic on 8th street is open 24/hours!  Very cool as we all needed some frosty beverages once we were done.

Happy Hiking

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