Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fun in the sun

We were able to log 4.71/miles this morning through Bear Creek Park.   We both got up early and were out the door at 6:50am.  Didn’t have the camera and needed it as we came across numerous Towhees’ flying around early in the morning.   Looking at Wikipedia, researching Towhee’s to find a sample of their chirp/song.   Found this pretty cool sight  If you are looking to learn songbird identification this great place to start.

Last week we were driving by Culvers and saw the parking full of classics and rods.  So we flipped it around to go take a look.  While there they were passing out handouts for show to be held on the third Saturday of the month at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center.  Well today is the third Saturday of the month.  I washed and cleaned up the Corvette this afternoon and we headed out to the car show.

Big turn out!  I am guessing 30 to 40 cars there all together.   Some very cool cars and very talented people who built them.  It was a lot of fun and glad that we got out and went.

The show didn’t cost anything to participate in.  I even walked away with a coffee mug as a door price.   Bought a raffle ticket for any size tires and the drawing will be at the last show in September.   The show was held by Stockers Car Club, apparently the oldest club in Colorado Springs.   For more information on Stockers you can visit them here:

I tried to get a spot so that we would have good view behind us of Garden of the Gods and the kissing camel rock formation.   Candy took this awesome picture.

Look for us next month on July 16th for the next show.  Cars will be showing from 4 to 8pm and you can find us at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center.

Happy Hiking

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