Friday, June 25, 2010

Side Tracked

So I don’t talk about this to much but I really like cars. Actually I have way too many, currently 7. Well with the purchase of my latest a 1931 Ford Model A Truck, I have decided to downsize so I can get some extra cash to start my rebuild project of the Model A Truck.

I posted my 1975 Ford Ranchero on craigslist and looks like it is on its way to France. I got what I asked for it and it will be picked up on July 15th. The driver side window is busted out and the new owner is sending me the glass and I will have it put in before it leaves on its big journey over the pond.

Funny enough there seems to be a big market for classic cars oversees and based on the success of this sell, this could be a new little business. I hate to see it go, but I have had fun with the car and it was a driver for my oldest son all the way through high school.

The Ranchero is an acquired taste, not as popular as the Chevy El Camino but I drove a 1959 Ranchero when I was in high school. I was as bad at they come in that ride. When I graduated it ended up being sold for more reliable transportation when I left home. I think you hear that same story from a lot of folks.

Below is a picture of the Ranchero and I hope the new owner in France has a blast with the car as I am sure you don’t see to many of these on the road over there.

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