Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I really enjoy watching the Finches eat from the feeders. The feeders look like tube socks but they are a mesh with small holes that the Finches can pick the thistle through. I guess you could use tube socks if you had to. Today I spotted a pair of yellow Finches eating and drinking from the fountain. From what I have read the Finches are part of the Passerines family of birds. This means that they can perch securely on twigs, reeds and even grass stems.

Oh and their singing ability is incredible. They have a complex syrinx which is more highly developed than it is in other birds. Most passerines have its own distinctive song and sounds uttered within a defined rhythm and structure. I need to get some recording equipment and go out and record them singing so that I can play it back and see if I can attract other finches. These photos are from this evening.

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