Sunday, September 21, 2008

Training Days

OK – Made it back the Sharkey Clark Memorial Golf Tournament, as always had an awesome time.

I managed to get some miles in but not as many as I would of if I was at home. In addition I smoked and drank way too much. I did mange to take 5th though and got a snazzy little trophy.

If you would like to view my pic’s they can be found at:

For the next couple of weeks I will be wearing the big pack to and from work to get used to carrying the extra weight. I have it pretty much packed with everything I will take, less the water. I will have my work pack strapped on as well so it should even out.

So far for this month I have gotten 78.56/miles in. This brings the total up to 642.34/miles since I started tracking. I should be able to step in up the next 9 days and will get a couple of distance trips in before I go.

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