Friday, September 5, 2008

Edison NJ

I have been in Edison NJ for the last couple of days. Didn’t get the miles I should have gotten in. Tough when on the road and you get away from the normal routine. I did manger to rack up 7/miles. Looks like I am going to have step it up this weekend when I get back home.

There is a nice park by the office with a loop trail that circles a small lake. Two laps equal a mile. They have a very nice 9/11 memorial in this park as well. Being that I was in NY/NJ the day it happened, it means more to me than probably most that are outside of the NY/NJ area.

I normally eat at this little Chinese restaurant when I am in NJ. It is directly across from the hotel. Next door to the restaurant there is a flower shop. The flower shop has a watch cat. Like a watch dog, just a cat. He has been their since I can remember traveling to NJ. Friendly feline!

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