Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pack and Re-Pack

So I kinda got off my training routine, that seems to happen some weekends. Needed to get caught up around the house on with a few to do's.

I did reload the pack. I have decided just to take the tent and leave the hammock behind. Also downsized on a few other items. I have a pocket knife that has a spoon, fork, cork screw and knife blade. Leaving it behind and taking a long plastic spoon.

I took the pack out today and did 5/miles. I think I am ready for next weekend. Need to check the weather to see what I can expect. I can deal with most of it (Cold, heat, etc.), just don't need a lot of rain. A little rain is ok.

Will have the mileage update on the 30th, but to date I have already broken a 105/miles for the month.

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