Saturday, July 16, 2016

More Stuff

Got some catching up to do.  Been super busy at work, as always and I am not complaining.  I have really been lazy on my walking as of late.  I did walk to work and back on Monday but found excuses the rest of the week to not do so.

We have been eating raspberries like crazy around here.  Candy likes her with her cereal in the morning.  I like mine with ice cream.   I had planed several plants last year and the year before.  They all came back and we have and are having a full harvest.  I also have blueberries and black berries but they are not ready yet.  Most likely another week or two.

This raspberry plant has had all kinds of new starters coming up.   In a couple of years we are going to have a very nice garden of berries as long as they can make it through the winters.  Each year I have covered them in mulch to help to not freeze the roots.

Today was our company picnic.  We had a great turn out and some really great food.  This year it was on the far north end of the Springs and the food came from Rudy's BBQ.   We got to play some corn hole.  It is a game like horseshoes, but with corn feed bags.  I am thinking about making up a game for us.  Candy will sew up the bean bags.  We have a great spot in the backyard to play.  With my creative skills I think I can make the platforms look pretty cool.  I may do this tomorrow.  We will see.  I need to get out and walk and I have been thinking about going fishing again.

After the picnic I headed over to the shop and was looking for something to do.  Candy had shown me a video of a humming bird water fountain.   I didn't have what I need to make it, it also requires a pulp with electricity and I am pretty much tapped out outside on outlets.  One of these days I need to run a power line under ground up to the back of the yard.  This would give me a few more options on things I could do.

I did have an old ashtray stand that I had picked up.  I think my Dad gave it to me on one of our last visits.  It was in pretty rough shape, rusty and dirty.   I took the grinder with my wire brush to it.  cleaned up all the rust and then started painting it.  I used what I had at the shop.  Painted the base in a brass color and then the rest in silver.   Painted the handle red so that it would hopefully attract the Humming birds.  Well this is the finished product.  Came out pretty nice.

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