Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Laughing my ass off.

I walked to work and back today.   It was snowing when I left the house, but not really much to speak of.  On my way home this evening it was a full on blizzard.   Left the office just a little after 5 pm and headed out.  I had everything with me that I needed so I wasn't concerned about the cold.   I had been walking for about half mile when I got to the intersection of 8th street and W. Lower Gold Camp Road.  I spent about 30 minutes standing on the corner laughing my ass off.   W. Lower Gold Camp is a pretty decent hill that has a stop light at the bottom.

We had received about 4 inches of snow in an hour and the roads were slick.   Any car coming down the hill
was sliding as it was mostly solid ice.   Several of them ended up doing 360's and you could see the terror in there eyes.   I tried to get some video but my damn phone wouldn't cooperate.  I would guess 20 cars came down the hill and the results were the same for each of them.

I finally made it home at just a little after 7 pm.  Took me a little longer than usual but I was walking through a good six inches of snow.

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