Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1st 2014

Mable our little Boston Terrier just burnt her tongue on a jalapeno.  I told her not to do it but she just wouldn't listen, dumb dog.  Our other dog Roxy went and fell down the stairs this evening.  She is not doing to good.  She has had a slight stroke and the left side of her face is froze.   Her hips are about shot and she can't navigate stairs very well.   Not sure how much time she has left.

I finished up January with 54.68/Miles in the log book.  Not great, I should have had double that number.  I
did however get out and did a nice 4.4/Miles in the snow today.  I still need a new camera but I manged to get a few pictures.   The big news is that I cam across Mountain Lion tracks.  I was hiking around Gold Camp Road and was working my way back when I came across the tracks on the trail.   The only tracks were the ones of the Mountain Lion.   I asked mother Google to show me some Mountain Lion track pictures and mine match.   So I am pretty sure it was a big cat.  I followed the track up the trail and after about 1/2 mile they took off up the side of the hill.  I kept on the trail and about a hundred yards later I came across them again.  I am glad that we didn't cross each other, as I didn't have anything with me.  Usually I carry a knife on my back back, but didn't wear it today.

I headed over to the shop this afternoon to work on the Ranchero.  Wasn't sure what I was going to do when I got there, but I have a long list so I knew I would get something done.   I focused my attention on the bed again. I decided to go ahead and unbolt the bed panel.  I pulled it out and then cleaned out all the dust, mud, leaves that have accumulated since 1957.  Out of the 18 bolts I had to remove, I only snapped off three of them.   I drilled them out and once I get everything cleaned up and sanded I will put the panel back in.

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