Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year!  It was pretty quiet around the Robinson house this year.    The boys, Candy and I, were together on Christmas Eve, we ate on the snacks that Candy had made and then opened presents.   Everyone seemed pretty happy with what they received.  On Christmas Day, we had all our favorites.   Candy cooked up a rib roast, cheesy corn, mashed potatoes, garlic salad and more.   

We were supposed to make a quick trip out to KS to see family.  But on Christmas day we decided we were going to stay home and relax and get ready for 2013.   I hated to miss my Dad’s Birthday, but with all the travel I have done this year being home with some time off is something I need.

I headed out this morning and did a 5.2/mile loop.   As I was walking down the street to the trail head I caught one of our neighbor’s feeding one of the deer.  She stood with a bag in one hand and her other hand was out flat and the deer was eating from it.  I will have to keep my video camera handy so I can get some footage for the television show When Animals Attack.

While on the trail, I did manage to get a couple of decent pictures of a chickadee and magpie.   I was lucky that they sat still long enough, which is usually the problem.   It was cold out this morning, around the mid 20’s.   I was dressed warm enough so the cold didn't bug me.  Made my way down along the creek and took a couple of pictures.   The snow still covered the trail and the trees.   With the light breeze blowing snow off the tree’s it almost appeared as if it were snowing.

We went to see The Hobbit this afternoon.  I really enjoyed it and the 2+ hours blew by pretty quick.   Many of the same characters from the previous movies were in this movie as well as many new characters.   If you were a fan of the Lord of Rings trilogy, you will probably like The Hobbit. 

Happy Hiking

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