Thursday, December 27, 2012

Always something to laugh about

Not much to report on today.   We went out and did a quick 2 miles this morning.   I then headed over to the shop to play around with some new items I received for Christmas.   I stopped in, turned the heater on and then drove over to Starbucks's for a coffee.   When I returned about 10 minutes later it had heated just enough to be bearable.

First thing I did was get the battery charger going on the old Model A.   Santa brought me a new rotor, distributor cap, wires and coil.   Took about 30 minutes to get the new parts on.   I pulled the starter cover and added a couple of new felt washers.   I tried to start it but the battery was so weak that I could only get one turn.   I decided to leave the charger on over night.   Will get some gas tomorrow and see if I can get it running.   I would like to have it ready for spring and summer and drive it around.

Back at the house I did a little repair on the basement door.   Guessing the cold weather had caused it to swell so I sanded down the door edge and it closes now and doesn't rub the door frame when closing.

Below is my route log for the last two days.   It's snowing out now, doubt that it will amount to much.  Going to try to get out again tomorrow.

Happy Hiking

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